Choosing My Innovative Project

photo credit: Paul of Congleton 23rd of January 2016 via photopin (license)

Recently, I chose a topic for my innovative project (aka thesis in disguise). Needless to say, like most of my classmates, I was quaking in fear inwardly. The knees of my heart were knocking, and my inner self was cowering in a corner of my mind. Thoughts ran through my mind in one second: “How will I manage this? What about my free time? What about my novel? How will I study Japanese? How will I manage with my new job? I don’t have a topic. There’s nothing I can study for my project. The topic I wanted to do isn’t feasible because I found out I’m not doing a book report but a project…” And in a flash, my anxiety had transformed into a smoldering mound buried underneath the damp ground. It’s not that my anxiety didn’t exist; it was very much there and alive, but it was buried beneath my carefully chosen words and relative calm.

At first, I was thinking of doing something that related to structuring my school’s curriculum–how the day should run, that is. The problem is that the school won’t be open until the fall, and I want my thesis done yesterday. The other issue is that the innovative project is following an action research format, which to me, means “real life interaction with real people you don’t know that well.” It’s a win-win for an introvert like me.

Over the weekend, though, I spoke with my cousin, and she asked why she and sisters couldn’t be a part of my study. I thought about it, since I had been wanting to help them with upgrading their Bible study lessons for their biweekly neighborhood classes. I hesitated some. It sounded like fun, but I also remembered how much the school needed, too. I still have to work on the technology plan, think about where I will bring technology into the curriculum, and work on professional development.

After speaking with my professor and telling him my ideas and my cousins suggestion, he also added that I could probably focus on professional development. In that way, I could just interview the teachers at the school. He suggested I create a website for professional development, and I thought it would be a good idea. I did want to work with my cousins, but after thinking about it for some time, I decided it would probably be better to do something for the school, as it doesn’t have a professional development program in place.

Last week, I finished my rationale for my thesis, and I identified a few areas that I needed to focus on for professional development: multiple intelligence theory, blended learning with emphasis on the flex model, and training on the programs I was going to use to supplement for Ignitia, the online curriculum we’re using. Also, I will be adding another area which pertains to training on the technology we use. This is important given the fact we just purchased a smart board (This was a God-send. We were able to get it for $60, and I just praise God for Habitat for Humanity).

So, this week I will be writing my review of literature. Lord’s will, I plan to start on it tomorrow.