Practicing Scholarship


Last month, I started the doctoral program at an online university, and for the past five weeks, I have been involved in a preliminary writing class as a requirement to being officially accepted into the doctoral program. Because of my background in writing, I was expecting the class to be fairly easy or at least comparable to my master’s program. After all, I wrote a thesis, so I am feeling pretty good about that accomplishment as well as perpetually grateful to God for His strength, wisdom, and power to make that accomplishment even possible.  Continue reading “Practicing Scholarship”


Working with Non-Literacy Oriented and Literacy-Oriented Students


Hello everyone! It’s been a while, but I hope you all are doing well.

Lately, I have been posting about dealing with my classroom and teaching techniques, so I would like to share some updates and some new revelations. So, I have been working to tighten down on my classroom management, and I am feeling a lot more confident with dealing with the children. In just a couple of classroom sessions, I feel that I have tightened my structure quite a bit. There are some fumbles here and there, but I quickly learn from them and revise. I have also been working to get my lesson pacing right. I’ve been tweaking it just to get it right, and I think I almost have the perfect blend for a 40-minute lesson, so I will start with that first. Continue reading “Working with Non-Literacy Oriented and Literacy-Oriented Students”

Proper Planning to Reduce Stress-Related Headaches

Wednesday, I met with my bible study class.

I don’t know if the stress is starting to affect me physically, though. Lately, I’ve started to notice a pattern that I have been getting headaches or migraines on certain days of the week. At first, I thought it was my ponytail; I wear high ponytails and buns from time to time. However, I would take my hair down, and the pain would persist. The pain would usually start as a dull ache during the afternoon and get gradually worse by the time bible study began. It would never be bad enough to incapacitate me while I’m teaching and was only made better once I headed to bed for the night. Continue reading “Proper Planning to Reduce Stress-Related Headaches”

The Doldrums


The Lesson

Today, was my first day slowly applying some of the strategies I learned over the weekend. It was a fairly nice morning, and the weather was still cool. I set up a fan in the vestibule next to the picnic table where I teach and organized my materials I had set out the night before. No one could say they were hot, because I was fully prepared. I prepared the back of my whiteboard with a short review on the Big Bang Theory and the Bible with a note in my mind of how I was going to simplify it.

Continue reading “The Doldrums”

Reevaluating my Classroom Management Strategies

Yesterday, I taught my Bible study again, and I was feeling very disheartened because I felt like I lost control of my class, mostly because I willingly blew through a dam and allowed myself to be deluged with a barrage of questions. While I could easily give myself some props for their engagement and interest in how light forms (this is a lesson on the creation of the world), I knew I had lost at least two of my students because they decided to start a conversation. Additionally, I have two students who seem to have an issue that was outlined in a book I was reading Memory at Work in the Classroom. I never thought it was possible, but the book is all of a sudden becoming a reality.  Continue reading “Reevaluating my Classroom Management Strategies”